About Us

FixNode Computer Repair Services Inc. was founded by two individuals in their university careers who have dedicated their efforts and expertise to make technology easy, understandable and work for individuals/small businesses. Our foundational ideology is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality of service and the “No Fix, No Fee Guarantee.“

We have customer relationships based on the principles of integrity, reliability and dependability apparent through our business practices. Our customers TRUST us and value our honesty.

With our unwavering commitment to SATISFACTION we provide open communication with friendly, personalized service and support. We ensure our customers receive optimal service and a reassured feeling that their issues have been resolved.



Phillip was born with a physical disability and first discovered his passion for computers soon after first laying hands on one. He fathomed the possible capability computer technology could have on the world, and possibly his disability. Phillip’s Interests are researching emerging technology and learning new ways to utilize technology in today’s world. Phillip graduated from Ryerson University in the field of Information Technology Management and is working toward achieving a certificate in Linux/Unix programming.


Adam was first exposed to computer technology at a very young age being heavily influenced by his father who is a computer software engineer. His interests expanded beyond just reading about emerging technology to building and repairing computer systems from manufactured components. He continued to expand his knowledge throughout high school towards the software elements that drive these systems. Adam graduated from Ryerson University in the field of Information Technology Management and is currently working towards his CCNA certification.