Mac Repair Services

The following are the prices for the services that Fixnode Computer Repair Services offers for Macintosh based computers, if you need more information please feel free to Contact Us

Setup and secure my NEW Computer Drop Off Client Location
Basic Setup
We’ll personalize to your specification (Account setup), Clean the Macintosh of unused files/software and install all critical updates.
$70 $100
Wireless Networking Drop Off Client Location
Wireless Network Setup & Security
Setup the internet, printers, and files to be accessible anywhere in your office or home wirelessly. Price based per Mac. We will arrive at your location and will secure your existing wireless network. This includes networks using Apple Extreme Wireless Router. *Hardware not included.
N/A $50
Repairs & Upgrades Drop Off Client Location
Advanced Diagnostic With Repair
Because Macs are so complicated we will need to do advance diagnostic this includes investigating the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or Internet problems. Includes software repair. We will optimize your mac computer for best performance.
$160 $200
System Tune-Up
Optimize your computer’s startup speed, clean and downsize the recycle bin and temporary files. Service includes defragmentation of the hard drive, as well as installation of critical updates for drivers (if available).
$60 $100
System Customization
We setup your computer to your unique preferences. We can set up multiple user accounts with unique passwords and customize desktop and startup preferences.
$30 N/A
Operating System Installation/Upgrade
Installation of the latest version of Apple Mac OSX Snow Leopard. We will also update the system to the latest version. *Software not included.
$75 120
Software Installation (Per Software)
Need help Installing new software or games? We can help you get your applications installed and loaded on your desktop. Service excludes operating system installation. *Software not included.
$20 $40
Software Service
Service includes the repair or troubleshooting of a software.
$20 $40
Hard Drive Installation/Replacement
Installation, testing and formatting of an internal or external hard drive to your desktop or laptop. *Hard drive not included.
$30 $60
Memory Installation/Replacement
Installation of memory (RAM) on your desktop or laptop. Memory not included.
$30 $60
Sound Card Installation/Replacement
Service includes the troubleshooting or installation of an internal or external sound card, as well as installation of critical updates and functionality testing. *Hardware not included.
$30 $60
Video Card Installation/Replacement
Troubleshooting or installation of a video card. Service includes functionality test and installation of updated drivers. Hardware not included.
$30 $60
DVD/CD-ROM Installation/Replacement
Install your CD/CD-R/DVD/DVD-RW/Blue Ray or floppy drive. *Hardware and software not included.
$30 $60
Printer Installation/Replacement
Service includes the troubleshooting or installation of a printer, as well as installation of critical updates and functionality testing. Hardware not included.
$40 $80
Hardware Installation
We can install any one PC compatible internal or external hardware device onto your Mac desktop or Macbook/Macbook Pro.Scanners, PDAs, MP3 Players are examples of what this service includes. *Hardware not included.
N/A $100
Protect & Save my Data Drop Off Client Location
Data Backup onto DVD
Make sure your valuable files are protected against damage, loss or accidental erasure. We backup your data, photos, videos, music and games onto DVD CD’s. Client’s location limited to 15 DVD disk due to time constraints. Ask us for details.
$80 $140
Data Transfer
We'll help you transfer your data, making sure you don't lose a single file in the process and we’ll show you how to access the data that has been moved.
$40 $100
Online Data Backup
Files are stored off site, so your data is protected from theft, fire, flood, or other natural disaster. We will setup an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) website for you so that you can access your data and transfer data easily. When you load things into this folder will automatically sync with your online account and transfers files.
$40 $80